Customized Commercial Cleaning Plan

Spotless Janitorial Services management staff will work with you to develop a customized cleaning plan which is designed to ensure that all of your commercial cleaning needs are met.

To achieve this our first course of action is to set up a discovery meeting whereby we will take a physical walk through your facility with you, to identify any special areas of concern that need to be dealt with on a regular basis or a less frequent schedule.During the initial walk-through and discovery meeting we will undergo a question-and-answer process that will flush out any hazardous concerns that could impact our staff as well as yours.

Our first course of action is to set up a discovery meeting whereby we will take a physical walk through your facility with you.

After the discovery meeting, management staff at Spotless Janitorial Services will come up with an initial draft of your customized commercial cleaning plan.

The draft will outline our suggested cleaning routines for a typical facility of your setup and size, while also specifying any areas that were brought up during the discovery meeting.

Other factors that are considered during the initial draft are staff allocation requirements, cleaning frequency requirements, special chemicals and/or health concerns that need to be thought of when cleaning staff are on-site.

For example if you have a climate controlled environment whereby temperatures must remain in a specific range, the customized commercial cleaning plan will outline this information so that Spotless Janitorial staff are aware of the special conditions.

In this example it could mean that when cleaning the climate controlled room, the doors are to be closed during the cleaning process, rather than left open to outside ambient air, which could affect the temperature and/or dust in the room.

To learn more about our customized cleaning plans for businesses in the western GTA such as Toronto, Mississauga , Milton and Brampton or to request a consultation, please contact our expert staff via phone at (855) 875 3326, or send us your request through our online contact form

The Importance of Floor Plans and Staff Work Schedules

When SPOTLESS JANITORIAL SERVICES  sets up your customized commercial cleaning plan we will be asking you for detailed floor plans of your facility as well as your standard work schedules in the different areas.

During the planning process we will be asking you to recommend a convenient cleaning time for your facility. Based on your answers and our staff availability we will aim to come up with a customized cleaning planning schedule that will coincide with your staff ‘s work hours so as to not impact the work being done at your location.

Our priorities are to get the facility clean to our standards and yours in the most efficient way possible that will reduce impact on your operations.

Information we require on the floor plan is there to support a couple of initiatives one it is there to support identifying the areas of concern for cleaning purposes but also to outline to our staff areas of concern for hazards as well as providing them with the necessary information they need to be safe this includes having information on about emergency exits fire extinguishers security concern issues etc.

Once Spotless Janitorial Services has detailed the customized cleaning plan, there’ll be specified cleaning times associated with your plan as well as open windows of time slots, whereby you have identified that it is okay for Spotless Janitorial management staff to drop by jury needs windows to conduct random cleaning audits.

These audits are done at a random basis to ensure the quality standards have been adhered to and that nothing slips through the cracks.

The Spotless Janitorial Services Audit Plan

The Spotless Janitorial Services audit plan is part of our quality assurance program. During the planning phase of the commercial cleaning services plan, items that need specific audit requirements will be outlined.

Beyond the special requirements of the audit plan there are standard items that we continually check for, including: cleaning thoroughness built up grime in the corners of the flooring build up dust in the corners of any carpeted areas dust in any main use areas as well as on top of office desk cabinets for example.

The purpose of the audit plan is to ensure that the random checks identify all of the quality assurance issues that need to be dealt with and added to the customized cleaning plan.

Another purpose of the audit plan is to use it as a tool to revisit the frequency of cleaning for specific items. Throughout the year the frequency of cleaning for specific areas may change due to the work environment and also to the seasons.

For example, it may be required that the floors are clean at a higher frequency during the winter months where snow salt and sand can become a persistent problem for some flooring surfaces.