Why Spotless Janitorial

Selecting the right professional commercial cleaning contractor for your business is an important decision. Spotless Janitorial is the smart choice when it comes to selecting a commercial cleaning contractor for your business. Spotless Janitorial services Brampton, Georgetown, Milton and Mississauga and we stand by our reputation for delivering high quality customized cleaning services and exceptional customer service.

Commitment to Quality Commercial Cleaning Services

100% client satisfaction guarantee: We stand by our workmanship with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, providing you with reliable results. Once we establish client expectations, we deliver a quality service that our customers come to expect from Spotless Janitorial.

Customized cleaning plans to meet your needs, schedule and budget: Our customized cleaning plans are at the heart of what we do. The cleaning plan outlines the day to day duties, the cleaning cycles and identify exactly what is really needed by the client. Every cleaning environment has unique requirements that are specific to each business.

Dedicated trained cleaner for each site: Part of ensuring our clients needs are met and that we pay close attention to the details of each customized cleaning plan, is by assigning dedicated Spotless Janitorial team members to your project. Spotless Janitorial also cross trains other team members so there is reliable and uninterrupted service being provided at all times.

Trained supervisors conducting random audits on all sites to inspect our cleaners’ work and ensure compliance with Spotless Janitorial’s high standards: These random checkups are anything but random. We run a tight ship and really pay close attention to all of the details required to meet the demanding needs of our clients. The spot-checks are there to ensure that we do not let anything slip through the cracks and that we stay on top of the quality standards and client expectations that have been established.

We provide additional onsite training and coaching, as required, to ensure cleaners have the most up-to-date cleaning knowledge at their fingertips: Training is an on-going and continual process at Spotless Janitorial, that is in place to maintain a level of consistency and quality our customers can rely on. At Spotless Janitorial, we do not wait for a problem to arise with a client, we are always proactively improving the quality outcome of our work and going a beyond expectations to deliver the best possible cleaning services.

30+ years in operation: Spotless Janitorial has been providing top notch professional commercial cleaning services for more than 30 years and has developed a strong reputation for delivering professional, quality cleaning services that our customers can rely on.

Exceptional Customer Service

Fully insured, bonded and WSIB-covered employees: Trust is something Spotless Janitorial takes very seriously. Our customers rely on us, they trust in us and our ability to delivery quality work, using quality people who are well trained and have the appropriate WSIB coverage, insurance and who are fully bonded.

All cleaners are employees of Spotless Janitorial Services: As we grow, so does our core business. Spotless Janitorial takes pride in hiring quality, dependable employees, who we can keep happy and reduce employee turnover. This provides our clients with a level of consistency, not common in the professional commercial cleaning services industry.

Friendly, hard-working and conscientious: The Spotless Janitorial team is strong, our work ethics are great and we all rally together, to get the work done, to deliver something we can be proud of.

Customized training for each client site: The customized cleaning plan for each client, requires customized training plans, conducted and reviewed on-site, making sure that client expectations and completely understood and met on a consistent basis.

Professional uniforms: Spotless Janitorial staff use professional uniforms for identification, to maintain a professional image at your establishment and to ensure our employees are comfortable while carrying out their demanding schedules.

Strong lines of communication between Spotless Janitorial and clients: It is our goal to always maintain consistent communication between us and our clients, to make sure that you are not only satisfied with our work, but to also keep pace with changing requirements.

Timely follow-up on client inquiries / issues: Should an issue arise or a change needed to a clients cleaning plan, a meeting will be set to discuss the details and come to an agreement on the new or revised requirements.

Client alerts re: non-cleaning issues observed by our employees (e.g. security issues, maintenance issues): Spotless Janitorial Services prides itself in hiring quality, dependable employees. While our staff are on-site, if we observe any unusual behaviour, our employees will report directly to Spotless Janitorial management, who will then get in direct contact with you.

Trust is something Spotless Janitorial takes very seriously