Why No Sub-contractors

At Spotless Janitorial Services we like to hire full-time and part-time staff who are dedicated and are eager to join our team. Having someone on our team rather than sub-contractors is important to Spotless Janitorial so that we can deliver the best quality commercial cleaning services business possible for our clients.

The Risks Associated with Hiring Sub-contractors

Spotless Janitorial Services prefers to hire its own staff, especially since most of our clients require us to access their facilities after normal business hours. There are too many risks and unknowns involved when hiring sub-contractors to handle our client demands, so we do not enter into this practice.If we need more staff to meet the demands of our clients, then we recruit the right people and train them before they are authorized to clean your establishment. There are some things to consider such as having legally documented workers, or asking yourself if the worker has proper worker’s compensation insurance, proper liability insurance and earning a fair wage.

The Benefits of Having Dedicated Full-Time Employees

Spotless Janitorial Services prides itself in creating a positive work environment and by hiring quality staff who are interested in providing professional commercial cleaning services for our client’s and also who are interested in having the stability of a strong company that is growing.

Spotless Janitorial Services is a strong company not just because we provide a top quality product but more importantly because we invest in developing excellence on our team. We provide detailed training so that our staff is completely aware of our expectations as well as our client’s expectations and our standards that we live by.

Our training regimen also provides a level of comfort for our staff as they know exactly what is expected of them and they can take pride in a job well done. At Spotless Janitorial Services our staff is our family and we come together and take pride in our work.

It is very important to us that our client’s can rely on our team to deliver quality commercial cleaning services.

There are too many risks and unknowns involved when hiring sub-contractors