How to keep your office neat and tidy

How to keep your office neat and tidy

Organize your paperwork:

The first step, most important step, is to organize your paperwork. Piled up paperwork all over the place conveys a sense of disorganized chaos. Also, it can become very difficult to find important documents when the need arises. Below are a few ways for you to organize paper during the process of office cleaning! The perfect method for filing invoices, vendor information, work orders, estimates, proof of deliveries, etc. is through the use of filing cabinets. You should label the files according to Wall mounted pockets and desktop trays are good ways to keep important documents handy for immediate reference. This idea is good for documents like pending bills, paperwork to be filed, open customer files, and documents in dispute. To bring more open space in the office consider scanning documents that can be archived easily and electronically stored.

Clean and disinfect restrooms properly:

Another important area apart from cleaning your work area is the maintenance of clean and sanitary restrooms. Restrooms are a place with heavy traffic and they should be cleaned daily. Toilet bowls should be scrubbed with disinfecting cleaner, toilet seats and lids should be wiped down, while the bases of the toilets and tanks should also be cleaned with disinfectant. Use deodorizing pucks in urinals to maintain freshness and to reduce foul smells. Remember to disinfect all areas hands will touch. Keep the counter, faucet, and sink areas clean with disinfecting cleaner and wipe down doors and door knobs as well. Finally, floors should be mopped regularly, mirrors should be kept spot free, and remember to replace toilet tissue, hand towels, and hand soap as necessary.

Keep your electronics clean and dust free:

Keep your electronics clean and dust free: Keep tight spaces like vents, keyboards, and fans dust free. Wipe them with a soft moistened cloth using a disinfectant spray.

Clean the Break room:

A clean and tidy break room is very important to the health of your employees as this is where food is prepared, stored, and eaten. Keep refrigerators and microwaves clean and ensure they are wiped down regularly. With a disinfectant spray clean the sinks, chairs, tables and shelves. Wash the hand and dish towel everyday and replace dish sponges monthly.

Empty the bins each day:

Cleaning and emptying includes removal of garbage from each area of the office like the break room, office spaces, conference room, public areas, reception and most important, the restrooms. Remember to always line garbage receptacles with a bag to make sure all crumbs and liquids are captured. This reduces the risk of bacteria spreading and bad smells.

Make public area presentable:

– The seating area should be dust free
– The walls should be stain free
– Display newspapers, magazines, books, and brochures for the waiting customers. In an organized fashion. Remove all old, soiled, and ripped reading material
– Clean all fingerprints and hand marks from glass tables and windows
– Vacuum carpets and mop floors at regular intervals

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