Office Cleaning Checklist

Office Cleaning Checklist

Quite often, the task of cleaning an office cleaning is ignored, especially in smaller office set-ups which can often be detrimental to the health of those in the workplace. Office cleaning is as necessary as other tasks. Not only does a clean, organized office convey a sense of professionalism, it has a very positive impact on the morale, productivity, and health of staff. It can lead to improved operations and reduced absenteeism. Creating a cleaning checklist for keeping things simple and easier is a great way to stay top of this. A cleaning checklist is helpful in providing hands-on assistance while preparing for office cleaning. Here are few important things that you should consider while preparing a cleaning checklist for your workplace.

Devices and equipments

Your office is equipped with a variety of technological devices, with computers being the most prevalent. You may be surprised to know that these electronic tools are more likely to be contaminated with germs and harmful bacteria than any other things at the workplace. Anything that is touched often by human hands will be a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, cleaning of equipment should be a priority when preparing a cleaning checklist. Ensure office staff is reminded to keep their desks well managed and as cleared as possible prior to cleaning. This promotes a more thorough cleaning as more of the work area can be sanitized.


The reception area is a great indicator of how a company conducts business and the culture it keeps. It should be kept cleaned and well organized. If the reception area is lacking cleanliness, you convey less impressive image and may lose existing and potential clients and employees. It is certainly the first point of contact for visitors. Make sure that you keep the reception area a priority on your checklist for executing a purposeful cleaning plan.


This is one area that requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Office toilets are used mostly during working hours. It should be among your top responsibilities to ensure that the toilets and restroom areas are cleaned and sanitized thoroughly for maintaining the health and safety of workers and guests. Everything ranging from sink basins and faucets to toilet seats and partition walls should be sanitized. Restrooms should always have sufficient soap, hand-wash, sanitizers, and paper towels for maintaining cleanliness. While creating a checklist, you should mention certain norms for cleaners. Not only should garbage be removed every service but the garbage bins themselves should also be cleaned on a regular basis.


It may not be likely that guests will visit your office kitchen but maintaining hygiene is important nonetheless. Failure to do so may result in increased cases of illness among staff. Make sure your kitchen is cleaned regularly but also be sure to schedule a major cleaning of the complete kitchen at regular intervals.

Landline Phones:

Most offices employ landline phones for office use. These phones move from one desk to another, from one person to another and almost everyone touches them regularly. Therefore, wiping of handsets and dial pads with disinfectant is very important to prevent the spread of bacteria.

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