The Difference Between Medical Clinic and Office Cleaning Services

Cleanliness in any industry is important to promote the health and safety of employees and customers. What qualifies as clean; however, is dependent on the industry in question. For example, the differences in industry standards are very apparent between offices and medical clinics. Basic office cleaning services simply will not be adequate to properly clean a medical clinic.

The need for proper waste disposal is important for both offices and medical businesses. Both industries require care when removing documents from the building due to the need to protect sensitive information, particularly the personal information of clients and patients. In the medical field, garbage disposal comes with its own set of regulations, particularly in regards to potential bio-hazard contamination.

Perhaps the most important aspect of office cleaning services, and the biggest difference between offices and medical buildings, is that of sanitation. While maintaining a clean and sanitary office is important for the health of employees and customers, maintaining a sanitary medical clinic can mean the difference between life and death. Simply due to the nature of their work, medical and dental offices are at a higher risk of exposure to bacteria, viruses, and blood born pathogens. Because of It, office cleaning services who also offer medical cleaning services, provide varying degrees of sanitation practices to comply with regulations.

Another major difference between office cleaning services and medical clinic cleaning, is the basic level of cleaning and frequency the cleaning is required. In offices where clients have limited access to the building services, cleaning can occur in as little as a monthly basis, and can be a simple run through to sweep and mop the floors, dust the fixtures, and clean the bathrooms. However, medical buildings require a more thorough cleaning daily, including mindful disinfection of any and all contact surfaces.

Spotless Janitorial provides both office and medical cleaning services, while ensuring the highest level of sanitation and customer service. Spotless Janitorial works with many dental and medical offices in the West Greater Toronto Area, and are proud to say they get many of their medical clinic contracts through referrals from other satisfied customers.

For more information on the differences between office and medical building cleaning, or to request a quote, please contact the experts at Spotless Janitorial.

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