The Importance of Hiring a Quality Medical Cleaning Service

The Importance of Hiring a Quality Medical Cleaning Service

Running a medical or dental clinic means the health of your customers is in your hands. And while focusing on your day-to-day services is important, medical cleaning services are a big part of your success. At Spotless Janitorial Services, we understand the importance of removing and preventing high-risk bacteria, viruses, and other antigens to prevent illness and keep your clients coming back.

Knowing Where to Focus

Your staff is probably adept at cleaning their work areas, but with so many other things to focus on, there are bound to be some things they miss. Medical cleaning requires a high level of focus and attention, especially for high-traffic areas. This can be a tough burden to put on your staff and make it hard to clean at the level required for medical disinfection.

In particular, our team focuses on:

  • Washrooms, to prevent the spread of flu, colds, and other illness that can come from poorly maintained bathrooms.
  • Reception areas and waiting rooms, which are common breeding grounds for many viruses and illness-causing bacteria.

Both of these areas are important because they are not standard work areas, meaning they probably don’t get much attention from staff on a regular basis.

An Experienced Team

Without the right team, cleaning services can go to waste. Our team understands the nature of medical businesses and the differences between each, which is why we create customized cleaning plans for each client. We narrow down the procedures and plans that cater to your business’ unique operations and expectations.

And that’s not all:

We have been voted #1 in the Business Times Reader’s Choice Awards five years in a row—a reflection of our strong commitment to ensuring 100% client satisfaction.

Our ability to connect with customers stems primarily from our consultative approach, which pushes us to ask lots of questions and keep our ears open to your needs and feedback. Ultimately, each plan is constantly evolving to meet your objectives and budget—the key to a successful long-term plan.

With over 30 years of experience, Spotless Janitorial has been providing commercial medical cleaning services in the Western Toronto Area. Whether you’re from Mississauga, Milton, Brampton, or Oakville, the quality of our results is the same. Contact us to learn more about our services!

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