Why WSIB Compliance is Important to Commercial Cleaning Services and Their Clients

Workplace safety is on the rise, according to a recent study by the Institute for Work and Health, with a 30% reduction in work related injuries between 2004 and 2011. While this is a great accomplishment, workplace accidents still happen, and employees, employers, and their clients still need that extra protection. Which is why it’s important for employers in the commercial cleaning services industry to maintain their WSIB coverage.

WSIB Compliance Explained

The WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) is a part of the Workplace Safety Insurance Act, which was founded in 1914 to protect employees, employers, and their clients against work related injury, requires most businesses to register with them within ten days of hiring staff – either full or part time – and to maintain the proper insurance against injury related areas. Employers are required by law in Ontario to comply and to report any incidents to the WSIB. The WSIB also works with injured employees to help them get back to work quickly.

Employee Safety Matters

Employees within commercial cleaning services, such as those at Spotless Janitorial, are at potential risk of exposure to harmful industrial materials, making it particularly important to maintain the highest level of workplace safety. Keeping workers safe to prevent injury in the first place is the highest priority. The employees at Spotless Janitorial are trained extensively in the potential risks of working in a commercial area, as well as best practices to avoid related injury.

Protects Employers and Clients

While the WSIB is designed to help employees injured on the job through reimbursement of lost wages and rehabilitation services, it also protects the employer and their clients from potential lawsuits associated with workplace accidents. For clients who are looking for commercial cleaning services, ensuring the provider is within compliance of the WSIB also protects the potential client from damages should something happen while on their location.

To learn more information on how Spotless Janitorial protects their workers and their clients against work related injury, or to request a quote, please contact the dedicated staff at Spotless Janitorial. Spotless Janitorial have provided exceptional commercial cleaning services to the West Greater Toronto Area for over 30 years. .

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